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AL Priority - The Best Multipurpose laser protection system
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AL PRIORITY is, as its predecessors were, a completely functional parking assist device operating on the 905 nm light frequency. It constantly emits laser signals and recognizes them when reflected from an obstacle, consequently warning the user. Parking detection range can be custom setup to your preferred level within 8 available PDC options. As getting closer to the obstacle the speed of the parking alert will become faster.

Thanks to the advanced program code the system will discriminate the laser signals coming from other laser sources. In case its normal operation gets interfered with by another laser source on the same light frequency, the ALP will try to maintain its perfect functioning. Should it recognize itself as a potential source of interference to another system, such as official speed measuring devices, the ALP system is programmed to reset within seconds.

Since the AL Priority can alert you to speed measuring laser devices that also operate on the 905 nm light frequency its the perfect addition to radar detectors since radar detectors are not nearly as good with alerting to these devices.

Many Add On Modules are available or are under development

Available Options:

  • ALP Bluetooth Module (iPhone & Android Support) – Wireless control of your AL Priority via your Android or Apple Devices.
  • AntiLaser RG Module – Radar Add on Module with allows Integration with the following Radar Antenna's (Beltronics 975, Beltronics STi-R Plus) - AL Priority is currently compatible with the protocols of these products and the receiver can be directly connected to the ALP's R/G Module
  • AntiLaser Hi-Fi Control Set – HiFi voice communication module for adding voice alerts through external speaker
  • AntiLaser GPS Antenna - GPS Antenna for defining speed limits for AL working modes
  • AntiLaser Display (Coming Soon) - Graphic Display to make alerts easier to understand

Depending on your ideal setup you might want some options but their might be different ways to achieve the same end results. For Example if you have an Apple iPhone and you want a visual display and voice alerts you do not necessarily need the AL Display or HI-Fi Module because you can achieve both these functions using your iPhone with just the Bluetooth Module.

The iPhone App with give an awesome display with voice alerts and also allow you to change your AL Priority settings. If you go this route you do not even need to install the regular controller because you can turn your AL Priority on and off with the iPhone app.

AL Priority - The Best Multipurpose Parking System

Advantages over previous AL models and competition:

  • AL is the original successor to the Worlds' First laser based multipurpose parking sensor
  • features the smallest sensors in its ultimate performance class
  • superior laser detection powered by AL patented technology
  • extreme resistance to engine noise and laser interferences
  • holds the widest protection angle (up to ±15°H ±15°V)
  • laser detection power (coverage) improved by 20% over the previous RX2 model
  • power of laser detection at least 40-100% greater than power of detection of any competitive product

AL Priority brings you Industry's First:

  • Dual processor Design running at over 100 MHz
  • User friendly internet upgrades and set-up via USB flash drive
  • USB flash drive Theft protection Key
  • 5 sensor connection with front and rear sensor discrimination
  • Innovative rear & side sensor cable exit
  • Laser cruise-control filtering sensor for factory LCC equipped cars
  • Compatibility with many third party devices (Radar, GPS antennas)
  • Advanced self-test function detects disconnection or malfunction
  • Fully effective from 10V to 17V power supply

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